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This could just possibly be the daftest idea I ever had. I’ve opened a page where I will list indie publications as I hear of them. Mostly, I suspect, written by blog- and twitter-mates, but of course, the floodgates may be creaking on their hinges as I prepare this post.

I don’t intend to review or even read everything that’s listed, although I’m starting off with Cathryn Grant’s Demise of the Soccer Moms which I have reviewed (just waiting for Cathryn’s say so about using the cover image). But I’ll be ensuring nothing offensive – to me, as this is a personal blog – gets listed. Mostly, that will be gratuitous violence, racism, and pornography. I don’t intend to censor for rubbish so if that’s yours and you get listed, you take your chances. And anyway, judging by my preferences on CC and EscapePod, my dog’s dinner is more often than not, other people’s haute cuisine so I’m obviously not much of a judge! But – I don’t think it works the other way round so, when I say that Cathryn’s book is worth a sequel, trust me, I know a good thing when I see it.

So, would you like this list to go by author or by book title?

Image above is of the Forth Bridge in Scotland. It has nothing to do with anything here but how often do you get to shoehorn a structure like this into a post, eh?

8 thoughts on “Indie Authors’ page – new

  1. I love that bridge! I could make a huge leap from the bridge’s appropriateness to the floodgates creaking open (they both have to do with water?)

    Thanks for your comments on my novel, and a sequel had crossed my mind, so I’m mulling it over.

  2. The metaphors are stacking up. The Forth Bridge crosses the Forth river in Edinburgh and it’s of such a size that we have a saying ‘It’s like painting the Forth Bridge’ whenever a task seems endless. I think the journey to publishing a novel probably feels that way, a lot of the time. And then it’s a bridge between the old way of doing things and the new; and hopefully a refuge from the deluge once the floodgates are breached!

    1. As much as any of us, I would think! I’ve gone with author for now as somebody in the indie business said to market yourself, not your book. Makes as much sense as anything!

  3. I also voted author, btw. And although my domain is still, I’ve realized I should emphasize my name more and my name points there as well.

    Another lesson learned along this indie road … as I said, for someone in marketing, somehow it’s not always translating well to my fiction. 😉

  4. As I think more about this, I am more inclined to ‘sell’ the author as the brand, rather than the book. Books change, authors don’t, & people need something to hang onto.

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