All change to the decor

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Image by big hairy monkey via Flickr

This, dear blog-mates, is Elegant Grunge. So far, I’ve found one unexpected thing on the page (my first post, which was not too illuminating), and not much missing. But then, I’m usually looking at it from inside the shop, not outside, so if there’s a gizmo you like to use and it’s disappeared, please let me know and I will do what I can to nail the little blighter back in place.

6 thoughts on “All change to the decor

  1. Oh, you dark-minded people have it so easy. 😉

    I’m going to be changing my look soon, but I can’t decide which theme to go with. Good lord, “can’t decide” seems to be my answer to everything nowadays.

    • Dark-minded ought not to be a compliment but, ooooh, ta!
      And you, wonderful lady, take your time and find what suits. I’ve always liked your greens and peacock blues with clean lines and ‘here-you-are’ clarity, if that’s any help.

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