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These are stories, free or paid, that are available for downloading to a mobile device. Some may also be published on-line or in print either before or since their download debut. The list is in order of mobile publication, with the most recent at the top. The Ether Books app is available for both iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad) and Android and now there is an online site as well where you can browse stories and authors. My page is here, how about that?

‘Emily Buckingham and the Major’s Madam‘, a paid download (69p) from Ether Books, September 10th, 2014

Eight Days of Ether flash competition, June 2014. All free downloads:

Theme #Adventure. The space between thinking and doing. A door opens in the space between thinking and doing and a young woman steps through. Her body has no shape, her head is empty, her eyes are pale and dilute.    “… the ending actually made my neck tingle”

Theme #Hats. Pretending not to see. When Jodie put on her magic hat, she became invisible …She ran, crawled, dived, and shot enemies.

Theme #TimeWhen. When you don’t have any left because something in you stopped working. When you have too much and it hangs like wet blankets in your head and over your eyes. When someone steals it by gossiping … “A whole life in so few words. Brilliant.”

Theme #Desire. Where Things Come From. Chocolates – dark and bitter and containing surprises such as a chilli-coated scorpion or a gingered locust.

Theme #Risk. The People Indoors. Boring,’ says The Charlie. He’s The Paul’s opposite but the upshot is the same, pulling the decision away from absolute certainty back to something more lively. He rarely has any ideas of his own though, these are Carole’s prerogative.

Theme #TragedyWhen you can’t go on. Awards ceremony. Posh frock; pale peach … A very cheap shot, this one! When the clear impetus was towards difficult human experiences, I only heard The Bee Gees[1]. It’s a 22 worder and, ladies, you’ll know what I’m saying!   [1] Tragedy – in case you’re so very, very young

 Theme #Family. Daniel’s Level. ‘The army? Him?’ Jacqui is stunned. Sophie though, is intrigued. Steve doesn’t look army, he looks – gamey.

Theme #Song and DanceDark brown voices, buttons and bows. We’re in Jackson, me and Jude, for the show. I have a two-day beard and my feet hurt like hell. I sling them up on the table and lean back.

this is a paper drawn from a dissertation by Corrie Neilson whose MSc research I supervised.  Corrie’s participants responded to the application of a facial scar to their avatar and later completed post exposure questionnaires relating to coping mechanisms. The differences between their written responses and their behaviour in the virtual world have implications for the support of people with facial scarring, should they be replicated by further research. She was awarded a Distinction for the work. It is often difficult to get student research published because the numbers of participants can be low. Ether Books, in a first for them, have taken this report and made it available as a free download from October 17th, 2013.

‘Dog Day’
, a paid download (69p) from Ether Books, October 16th, 2013.

‘Stardust, Sunshine, Leeds, & LA’
Ether Books, February 15th, 2013. If your dad has dementia and your days are filled with World War II, escape into a virtual world and cybersex with an avatar is just the ticket – isn’t it? Download the app for iPhone (android in beta & coming soon) so you can read on your phone. This is a paid download (69p).

‘The Justice Box’
– on Ether Books September 2012

‘Five Shades for Greg’
 is on Ether Books from August 4th, 2012 as part of their Olympic-themed flash fiction competition.

** *
‘Fete Accomplice?’
on Ether Books as a paid download (69p) from July 25th 2012. It is also here.

* **
‘If it Ain’t Broke …’
started out as an entry to an EscapePod competition then, after many revisions, went to Ether Books as a free download on the 12th July, 2012. It’s also here.

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