Control’ now available as an audio track read by voice artist Lorraine Ansell. Soundcloud 10/11/15.

‘The Breathing of Souls’ published by The Writing Garden as an audio track, November 2015.

‘The Breathing of Souls’, December 23rd, 2014. In the walls of buildings, between the splinters of wood and the specks of brick dust, souls  huddle and stretch by turns, waiting for their time to come. 200 words 

‘The Wild Rose and the China Doll’, first published by Full of CrowOctober 2012. “On a frozen beach, brown waves thundering under a gritty pier and a grittier sky, God got his own back and I burst, sparkling, into life.” 699 words 

All the Birthdays’, Lascaux Flash Competition, March 6th 2013. Also in FlashFlood, April 19th, 2013 When the spirits dance, you have to dodge out of the way and cover your head so they don’t hiss sharp into your ears or quick-grab your tongue. Mostly though, you have to keep your eyes open …  245 words

‘Doomcha Doof’, Readwave, February 4th, 2014.  ‘People didn’t lose their souls, they had them confiscated for sinning. So what sin did you have to commit to become a dance-floor donkey?’  249 words. 

Frozen Fireworks’, Readwave, February 6th, 2014. The last real day is bright and brilliant with a sky full of clotted clouds that tumble along like cream puffs in the thickening air. When the storms break, they cast scaled and feathered flying things down onto the sand, and the sand begins to swim like wet concrete around them. 292 words

‘Five Things That Are True and Six That Are Not’ Lascaux Flash competition 17/03/14;  249 words


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