IMG_2938Ah, there you are, glad you dropped by! I’m an ex-artist/designer, ex-nurse, and past clinical psychologist working on yet another career. Who knows, I might find I’m good at this writing malarkey but, ultimately, you will be the judge.  I’m putting some serious wellie into fiction.  A couple of Open University courses helped, and an MA from Lancaster university completed in October 2014 will, hopefully, give me a shove towards a more professional looking product. I’ve written a lot in the last few years, some of it passable, some of it ungodly detritus, and the odd piece that might, just might, be a glimpse of something promising. More pieces are finding a publisher and you can find links to these on the cryptically titled, Where’s my (published) stuff?‘ and ‘Mobile Downloadspages.

Author interview by Ether Books September 2012.

6 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Above photograph is the reason I don’t have a typewriter, looks painful…but I digress😉

    You have an award to pick up, get your tiara and sparkly shoes…

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