Publications, presentations & workshops


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See also

  1. Written feedback to the Scrutiny Committee for the Mental Capacity Bill. 2003 Memorandum 134 at
  2. Ireland, J. And Conboy-Hill, S. ‘Human Trafficking’  BPS response to government consultation 2006.

Workshops & other events.

  1. Gentle Teaching and the Parent Child Game   1995
  2. Expert Witness Skills – to South Downs Health Psychologists 1997
  3. Assessing Capacity to Consent. Presentation to South Downs Health NHS Trust Clinical Governance conference 2000.
  4. CLDT Debate: presenting the motion that the CLDT is an expensive waste of resources and should be abolished.  December 2004
  5. Vulnerable Adults: Assessing Capacity to Consent. Presentation to Ashwood Medico-Legal Forum January 2008.
  6. Cognitive Interview training to multi disciplinary groups x 2/3 per year 2000 to 2010, including psychologists, nurses, social workers, doctors and IMCAs.