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drawing on a chalk board

“He’s not smart, isn’t Fergus, but he knows what his mother says about how cleanliness is next to godliness and that not enough goddamn-sinners are getting their goddamn-jussdesserts-pardon-the-swearing.”

Jussdesserts, on the Flash Flood website now

‘No Animals Were Harmed …’: a deadly reality TV show

An SF piece in Every Day Fiction today and not for the claustrophobic: ‘[Neela] squinted into the matt black dark, wishing her optical enhancers would come-the-hell on line. She pushed up, kicked; no movement. “Shit!” [She] raised her legs, then both arms, braced her body to test the surfaces above and below. She made a snow-angel. Smooth, top and bottom — but where were the sides? Why couldn’t she feel the sides?’

Christmas lights and a world tour

xmas lights

The lights only twinkle in the powerpoint show which WordPress won’t let me embed, and the tour is virtual but hey!

In my other life I have just retired after 40-odd years in public health services so I have been tracing some footprints in what has become a trilogy in four parts. They go So long and thanks for …, After the bedpan years, My dad’s gone to Mars, and So where was I …?

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, I wish you the very best of company, comfort, and contentment for it, and a sizzlingly inspirational 2013/5773/1434/wibbly wobbly yeary weary …

‘Red is for Go’

Red is for Go’,  is on E. Victoria Flynn’s Roadside Attractions today.

‘Which one of us died?’  ‘He did. Back then.’  ‘And now?’ She looked up at the ceiling, at the bright carriage lights that cast unforgiving shadows under the sleep deprived eyes of its hot-desking passengers … ‘  Time travel? Ghost story? A dream? You decide. Definitely a love story though.

‘The Justice box’ up now on Ether Books

‘Jesus loves her, Jesus loves her, Jesus loves the murdering bitch.’ Emmy chuckles to herself in that private way only people whose heads are somewhere else can do. She hunches up on the bed and grabs her knees; pulling them up to her chin, and hugging them like babies.

‘Pretty boys,’ she says; and bites into her knee cap.

On Ether Books now.

‘Fete Accomplice?’ now on Ether Books

Marissa Nalletamby, married with two children, starts to have romantic dreams about a man she barely knows. Is it an affair if she never actually meets him? And why is his dream-self getting younger? On Ether Books as a paid download now. Go on, give it a star or two, you know you want to!