I need a change of scenery

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I got widgets, I got columns, I know where my stuff is; but I need a change, and every time I pitch in with a preview, I get cold feet and stay where I am. Last week, I found a WordPress appearance that I liked, hit preview, and went off it because it wasn’t yellow enough. If it had been yellow enough, it would have been exactly like the site I first saw it on and that would have been a little too sycophantic. Well no, not ‘a little too’ just ‘sycophantic’ full stop.

So, blog-mates, what do you recommend? Knowing my site, my stuff, my general face-to-the-world this-is-what-you-get malarkey, what’s the layout for me? Winning suggestion gets -ooh, I dunno, several weeks of preferential blather for its promulgator.

Aw, go on..!

4 thoughts on “I need a change of scenery

  1. Ohh Suzanne, thank you for that !! I’ve now added those 2 words to my vocabulary. Sounds like you need to get out more, shake up your life a bit, a lover perhaps, write in a different venue. Challenge
    yourself etc etc. Establish a Pen Pal relationship with another writer. Could it be, just the winter BLAHS, yeah I know, I’m saying that kinda tongue in cheek , cuz the reality is, I’ve no idea where you live……..perhaps you have an abundance of sunshine in your life already. Hmmmm, hope this has given you food for thought at least. Go shopping, get a new slinky little black dress.

    Best wishes and a hug……..John

    1. Crikey John, that’s a more ambitious scenery-shift than I’d had in mind but, well, in for a penny..! I’m intrigued to know which two words you’ve added though 🙂

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