‘When’ – Eight Days of Ether

Day 3-2Eight Days of Ether: every day a new theme and only 24 hours to submit.

Day 3 – Time

When. When you don’t have any left because something in you stopped working. When you have too much and it hangs like wet blankets in your head and over your eyes. When someone steals it by gossiping …

I own up right away to hearing ‘If’[1] in the background all the way through writing this and I apologise to the spirit of Rudyard Kipling for my impertinence. This is not so much one story as many; probably ones we’ve all experienced – or will – and in a way, it’s also a list but without the numbers. Lists, I’ve found (via The Verb on BBC Radio 3) can be poetic because of their rhythm and the white spaces they leave, but with When, there’s anything but white space –  I just let it set its own tempo and say its piece without interruption. Here’s the link


[1] ‘I’, by Rudyard Kipling. http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/175772


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