‘Pretending not to see’ – Eight Days of Ether

Day 2-1Eight Days of Ether: every day a new theme and only 24 hours to submit.

Day 2 – Hats

When Jodie put on her magic hat, she became invisible …She ran, crawled, dived, and shot enemies.

There’s a saying, ‘I’m wearing my X hat today’, when we want to be seen as a particular sort of person. But some hats send us into the background where we become one of many or just a number. Children generally want to fit in, to be the same, until they reach a certain age and then they want to stand out. But not too much – being the only one not looking like everyone else or having the same beliefs, is very isolating. As adults we too want to be thought of as individuals but we also go to great lengths to be like groups of people we value.  Hats can make us distinctive or they can make us anonymous – motorcycle helmets, balaclavas for instance, and some make us unseeable, one of a crowd. Invisibility is complicated: this story is about hats that make us invisible for different reasons. Here’s the link


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