‘If it ain’t broke …’

Down Syndrome Karyotype. from en: with same fi...

Another Indie piece that’s just a little too quintessentially Brit for its own good. It started life as a 500 word entry in an Escape Pod competition and, while it didn’t get voted through to the next round, it acquitted itself very well considering the main character is a man with Down’s Syndrome. The aim was to write something the people I work with would see as positive, that has humour and authenticity, and doesn’t dissect their vulnerability. You may find the authenticity claim a bit hard to swallow but I can vouch for every bit of dialogue – some bloke with Down’s has uttered those lines to me at some point in our sessions together, and the need to work therapy through Dr Who or a Superhero is almost common enough to need its own literature!  It’s over here on This Personal space.

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