Fiction where main character has Down Syndrome

I wonder if the person who arrived here by entering this search term found what they were looking for. Maybe it was ‘If It Ain’t Broke …‘: Robert is a man with Down’s who has to make a choice when he’s offered a chance to go back in time and change his DNA, and he’s here on Ether for download to iPhone or Android devices, or here for on-screen reading. I’ve known a lot of Roberts over the years and I think many of them would recognise the dialogue. For quite a few, the framework for any conversation was a superhero or Dr Who but always with a wry twinkle!


‘If it ain’t broke …’ now an i/Phone/Pad/Pod/Thing download

If it ain’t broke …’ has been on This Personal Space since May 20th, 2012 and now I am very pleased to announce its availability as an iPhone/iPad download from Ether Books, 12/07/12. A brave decision by Ether – not everyone would take the risk of featuring a story whose main character is a man with Down’s Syndrome, especially one who doesn’t live up to the stereotype of happy, smiley but ultimately helpless dependent.

The app and the download are free. If you felt so inclined, you could take a look and maybe even give it a star or two? Jolly good.

‘If it ain’t broke …’

Down Syndrome Karyotype. from en: with same fi...

Another Indie piece that’s just a little too quintessentially Brit for its own good. It started life as a 500 word entry in an Escape Pod competition and, while it didn’t get voted through to the next round, it acquitted itself very well considering the main character is a man with Down’s Syndrome. The aim was to write something the people I work with would see as positive, that has humour and authenticity, and doesn’t dissect their vulnerability. You may find the authenticity claim a bit hard to swallow but I can vouch for every bit of dialogue – some bloke with Down’s has uttered those lines to me at some point in our sessions together, and the need to work therapy through Dr Who or a Superhero is almost common enough to need its own literature!  It’s over here on This Personal space.