‘Kitchen Forensics’ #nffd

Kitchen forensics
glove boxHer resolve faltered as she reached the kitchen door. It would be huge and offensive. It would require a delicate touch. It would be hers to deal with – yuk!
As she approached, an advance scouting party of flies lifted off and dispersed itself across less appetising surfaces to wait, she imagined, for the all-clear. Well, not for a while and not here she told them. She regarded the agglutinated mass forensically, put on gloves and aimed a squirt of surfactant at the festering heap. Then, dissecting out two small bones and a piece of cartilage, she wondered for the nth time how come last night’s washing up was always her job.

(c) suzanne conboy-hill 2012

4 thoughts on “‘Kitchen Forensics’ #nffd

  1. ewwww, that was so well written, that I am feeling a bit sick…and very relieved that I do not cook very often nor have icky dishes to clean 🙂

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