Colin Lindridge 1955-2012

We were so sorry to hear that Colin, who had been a leading clinician and manager in our Older People’s services for many years, died on Monday May 7th. His partner, David, asked for the news to be posted on Facebook and there have been many messages there since, expressing the sadness his friends and colleagues are feeling at his passing. People are also talking about his smile, his humour, his dry wit, and his welcoming openness; Colin was not one for maudlin sentimentality.

I knew him far less well than the people who have left their thoughts on that page, but I knew him well enough to recognise his authenticity, his passion for his service and its users, and – from what I heard as I circulated by his conversations – his equal passion for life. His friends, family, and mostly his partner David, will have to go on without Colin. There are memories in abundance on Colin’s page, please go there to commemorate him.

11/05/12 Today there is a heartfelt tribute to Colin from Lisa Rodrigues, our Trust Chief Executive. You can find it here.

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