Abbey Road crossing

A zebra crossing in Abbey Road, London. This s...
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Had to just put this up here because it’s so completely FAB! The Abbey Road crossing where people pose and traffic waits. You get live web cam and archive footage of some of the best moments. What’s not to like?

No idea what it’s about? This is the recording studio where The Beatles made their later albums and the crossing outside is the one on the cover of their album ‘Abbey Road’  which many believed predictive of John’s death as he was dressed in white.

12 thoughts on “Abbey Road crossing

    1. When I got my first Windows computer in 1995, I found a web cam in a street in New York and got stuck there for about an hour and a half because I didn’t know how to turn it off. But I was also fascinated because it was NEW YORK! On MY SCREEN! In MY HOUSE! 🙂

  1. I’m always amused when I take the bus and suddenly, it goes by Abbey Road. I casually turn to stare at the tourists posing etc. It’s funny but I’ve gone by there so much, it doesn’t register it’s ABBEY ROAD! I suppose it’s the same about the fact I live in LONDON and whenever I end up in places like Westminster Bridge, all I manage to do is get annoyed at all the bloody tourist…meh.

    1. Sometimes you either have to be a tourist in your own town or show someone round who is. I drove my cousin, visiting from Canada, to Brighton station, passing the beaches where Mods and Rockers fought it out in the 60s, the Grand Hotel – bombed out by the IRA and nearly polishing off Mrs Thatcher, Palace Pier where ‘Oh What A Lovely War’ was filmed (and under which many of us slept uncomfortably while trying to be hippies), and the Royal Pavilion in which, famously, anything that looks like wood is marble and anything looking like marble is probably wood. All in 20 minutes. Never got as far as Sussex uni where Pink Floyd played a gig in the courtyard in 1968!

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