That’s my planet!

Gliese 581 e, rocky extrasolar planet.
Image via Wikipedia

Last year, I wrote an SF story about a planet in the Gliese (gleesh) system, first identified in the early 2000s as an extra solar planetary system. Today, the first potentially inhabitable extra solar planet was identified – in the GLIESE system! OK, so my story, ‘Journey Home’, didn’t cut the mustard but heck, there’s got to be points for being on the astronomical button!
Where’s the silly-big-grin icon when you need it?(*). Here’s the story at PopSci. ‘Asimov’s’, you could have had the story first – I know what these people look like!

4 thoughts on “That’s my planet!

  1. How cool is that. I was reading the article and every time I read that bloke’s name Vogt, my mind saw and read: Vogon

    Ah well, at least it made me smile, something I haven’t done in days…sniff

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