Let battle commence!

The CC ‘I-less’ writing challenge has closed and Prune-Ella is up against 13 others for the grand title of – well, nothing at all really. I must say though, if Prune-Ella did her stuff and flounced the opposition, I would be ridiculously pleased and need restraining from making postcards to send to people I hardly know.

Also completed today was the last tutorial of the OU course which leaves just the final assignment due at the end of the month. I have a half formed offering that reads ok but doesn’t grab me. Do I work on it and make it sizzle or start again with a different and more gripping plot? I think it might depend on how far I get setting up my new phone this weekend. Unlike most gadgets that come with a booklet resembling a Master’s in computing and programming, this came with barely a leaflet and so I couldn’t even find the SIM hatch. If the rest of it is equally baffling, that lame duck tale might be all there is! snowdrop image

There are new jottings on the Nano Fiction page. Please feel free to nip across and take a shufti. You could even leave a comment if you felt so moved. Go on, spoil yourself!

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