Adur landscape #2

Odd-looking fiction post, right? Well maybe you remember Puddles Like Pillows from 2014 and Spectacular Flights of Whales from 2017. If so welcome to the short videos and also to the arty process that triggered them. Had more fun making these than is entirely proper!

Strayfish Arts

I’ve used the last of the squint-eye sized boards* so now I am onto a slightly more manageable 16 x 9. This is a view slightly to the north of the previous scene.

Again I’ve prepped the surface with acrylic primer (gesso) and used willow charcoal to define the lines and stratified areas in the scene. Then I’ve picked out different areas with dilute washes of green, yellow, and a mix of burnt sienna and Naples yellow. There’s a wash of burnt sienna in the sky area too, along with the river. This will form a contrast layer under the blues, greens, and whites that come later.

The sky is taking shape now with a light wash of blue over the burnt sienna, but the other areas are in a state of re and de-construction to give them the underpinnings for the final shapes and tones. The trees will be…

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