Travelling the world when you can’t leave your home due to Coronavirus lockdown

First off, we’re all stressed by the current situation so we need to bring ourselves down from the ceiling to help us cope a bit better. This little gif gives us a calming breathing rhythm. If you have a smart device, there are apps too – Beat Panic and Companion – that can help us manage our reactions to what’s happening. It’s scary but we’re going to get through it, right?


Now, the travelling bit.

If you’re confined to home and missing going out, these train journeys, mostly from the driver’s cab and with no commentary, can take you almost anywhere for hours and hours. All the lovely rumbling sounds of a train and none of the crammed carriages or delays. You know when you ‘get on’ that you’re going to ‘get there’. Also you can pause for a loo break any time you like and no queues. Well, unless you have teenagers.
If you have a smart TV, you can access these YouTube videos on your large screen. I’ve seen most of these (I know, shut up!), and more pop up as recommendations as you watch. I like snow. So there’s snow. You might prefer something warmer or greener and I’ll see if I can find any. Obviously I can’t guarantee either quality or content suitability but I’ve never seen or heard anything you wouldn’t happily watch with a child (should you have one likely to sit down for this long!), most have no commentary at all.
This one goes from Bergen to Oslo and takes just over 7 hours


Fancy the arctic circle? Here you go


Germany, more snow!


As above – more snow

Another Nordic trip




I’ll post more to this page as I find them. Stay safe, street parties when it’s all over, yes? Yes!

4 thoughts on “Travelling the world when you can’t leave your home due to Coronavirus lockdown

  1. Oh you are such a darling- so comforting and your sensible self. Do you mind if I forward these? I am so low tech! Lots of love and keep safe and well. Merlin sends his very best, and Paul too xxxx

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    Sent from my iPhone >

    1. Of course you can, you’re more than welcome to share with anyone you think it might help. What times! Stay safe, we can do this – sometimes with a 10′ pointy stick to remind others to keep their distance! ā¤

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