Time to wrap up the science blog?

I have another blog; actually there’s a small flotilla of them due to special interest like literacy and interviewing for decisional capacity and the discovery that each module of the fine art course requires its own. It’s a blog zoo and it has a successful breeding programme.

But there’s a particular one that served a purpose at its inception by separating my science identity from my more, what shall we say, relaxed? persona and which, now I’ve been out of that world long enough to have lost contact with any direct expertise, is getting little attention.

I haven’t lost interest in science generally or psychology in particular and I don’t want to close down the blog, not least because other people have contributed to it and there’s information there.

So here’s the plan – I’m going to try importing the content of that blog to this one and leave a note there to tell people where it’s gone. I have no idea what will happen. Will the imported content wash over this blog and drown it? Will it infiltrate its menus and categories and pages, shoving everything around like the third person trying to budge everyone up on a two seater sofa? Or will it vanish down a secret WordPress rabbit hole and refuse to list itself as present?

I’ll be prevaricating and procrastinating for a little while, so if you’ve done this, I’d love to hear how it panned out.

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