Getting all sheepish at the Basement

Joining the flock at The Basement93 today, and giving those cats a run for their money, Her Royal Woolliness of the House of the Red Wellies.


The print is from an original pencil drawing coloured digitally in Rebelle software made by Escapemotions. Her Woolliness appeared originally in Not Being First Fish and other diary dramas as an adjunct to a Michael Fish anecdote (obviously), and if the wind’s in the right direction, there’ll be a copy nearby for a browse and possibly for sale. Several other illustrations are also available as prints so if you see one in the book and not in the shop, ask. If it’s not been ‘upgraded’, tell Susanna or Sarah and I’ll see about dusting the digital magic over it. There’s Yoda working on checkout for a start …

If you’re nowhere near Steyning* (and if not, why not?) Not Being First Fish is available here.

*Steyning is an old market town in West Sussex with history that goes back at least to Anglo Saxon times and was a thriving port in the 11th century. A little less international these days, it nevertheless has a unique high street full of independent traders with only one – the Co op – a major chain outlet and even that’s dinky. The Basement 93 is the latest addition to the artisan feel of the place which includes Steyning Bookshop, an antiques shop, Sussex Produce where you can get a meal, a coffee, or just a weird vegetable you have to Google when you get home. Then there’s Cobblestones, a little fairy land of huts, and Sakala, a tiny India whose owner goes and gets the stock personally. Also Teddy Bears sold by the woman who used to work the murder squad. Yup.


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