All change!

Call this a diversionary activity, [yes do, because it is – I should be faffing with my first drawing assignment but after days of wrestling with a sculpture of Alien made from scrap metal, a hatchling dragon in an egg, and a pot cat, I’m only slightly nearer submitting something.] I’m taking a pop at the layout and design of my blogs. Remarkably, after blogging with WordPress for years, three days into the art course and I found I knew nothing about anything. I’ve been bumbling. Now though, with an enforced induction into menus and the magic of categories under my belt, I’ve decided to redecorate and move the furniture around. Brace yourselves, it might be a bumpy ride, but because you’ve been good, here’s the so-called still life I’m beating my head against. Whatever else I’ve learned in this process, not eating all the fruit before choosing items for a composition will feature prominently next time.


15th November update. If you’ve had a chance to adjust your goggles to accommodate the shifts in colour scheme, you might have noticed a bunch of new posts popping in. These are migrants from Black Cat Stories, the site where I put pieces that became homeless due to the demise of the original publishing outlet, or were difficult to home in the first place (hence Black Cat, see?), and now they’re coming home where I can make sure they’re properly looked after and have a bit of company from time to time. They have their own page – or they will when I get these new categories shenanigans sorted out!

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