Brain Surgery Over, #LarryEvicted, And My Experience in Memes

I’m starting to look like a stalker with all this reblogging of Shoshana’s posts (here or on my other blog), but I can’t ignore or let pass or just read and quietly go ‘Yay for you, girl!’ when the whole thing – topic, humour, content, expression, and sheer bloody ballsiness of it deserves a shout. Read on, please, read on.

Shoshana Kessock

The modern world in a lot of ways is a screwed up place. There’s levels of war, disease, famine, pestilence, inequity and terror that go on today that are fueled by the innovations of modern technology that make me crazy sad for our future. And then there are miracles of modern science that make me amazed at how far we’ve come from wee huts and caves.

Take, for example, brain surgery. Mine, for example.

I will be explaining a little bit about my brain surgery without getting too graphic. To do so, I will be using one of my favorite outlets: memes. Why? Because it’s fun and I’m not allowed to get out of bed yet too much, so I’m going to enjoy a little bit of meme related fun here.

Sunday evening, I was having a bit of a panic. I was scheduled to go into surgery to have…

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