‘Puddles like Pillows’ in Zouche Magazine

Another little dose of weird:

After a while, with the streets and parks getting less cluttered, it started to look as if some cosmic recycler had dropped by to tidy us up. So then people stopped using the bins and just hung about with their cameras waiting for their banana skin or whatever to take off.

Read More: http://zouchmagazine.com/puddles-like-pillows/#ixzz2dFpRSbtW

Zouche has been away for a while but now it’s back with its lovely graphics and varied content and I’m delighted to be back too [see A Tale of Two Sixties 2011].

3 thoughts on “‘Puddles like Pillows’ in Zouche Magazine

  1. Loved this piece of fiction. It’s funny, unusual and also quite terrifying at the same time. Particularly like the idea of picking just chucking rubbish out of the window as though it’s sorted out our waste problem rather than worrying where it was going. Excellent!

    1. A reflection of the sense of entitlement that seems to pervade society at times but I’m glad you saw the underlying horror. Just imagine, if that really happened – my language might be a bit stronger, I fancy!

  2. Oh yes, I felt a strong sense of the underlying horror. I agree, I think your language might have been a tad stronger under the circumstances!!

    One of your best so far (in my view).

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