‘Five Shades for Greg’ Ether Books competition NOW!

Español: Composición del Reino Unido en el Fes...

Shameless bandwagoning, but then it’s a competition and I’m going as low as it’s possible to go! I don’t need to win, in fact I’m competing within the Ether stable for the WOTSA (the Worst Olympic Themed something or other I can’t recall). Frankly, I’d just like to avoid being the UK Eurovision entry with a download tally of nul points. So if you have an iPhone or an iPad, you could chalk up a couple of downloads for FREE and you don’t even have to read the blighter! You can get the iPhone/iPad app from Ether Books . The competition opens midday (UK time) August 4th and closes midday (UK time) Friday August 10th. If nothing else, you get a good excuse to download some badly written faux erotica, and that’s got to be worth a bit of bandwidth!

Up now: Ether Books App –>Authors–>Suzanne Conboy-Hill–>Five Shades for Greg. There, that was easy!

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