Recycled#2: Gross Expectations

loo queue; glastonbury
By Simon Godley

Gross Expectations

Eloise hoisted open the flimsy door and paused on the threshold, screwing up her nose and holding onto the urge to vomit. Somebody already had, it seemed, and she surveyed the cramped and stinking landscape with a tactical eye. How to accomplish the necessary without acquiring more sewage than she was hoping to leave behind? Not for the first time, Eloise wished Glastonbury had a Business Class section.

©suzanne conboy-hill 2009

6 thoughts on “Recycled#2: Gross Expectations

    1. Thank you! Every time the idea of becoming a senior rock chick crosses my mind, the image of the toilets follows close behind. I think I’ll wait until I’m already using incontinence pads!

    1. Yuk! Sadly, that other world will have to manage without me until I can afford a luxury Winnebago or Shirley Bassey’s helicopter!

    1. Thank you. This was written well before Kate Middleton came on the scene – for me anyway – but I rather imagine this might be her kind of response!

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