4 thoughts on “Poims and Poitry

  1. Aw bless. Make your poetry funny, pretend you Douglas Adams writing poetry. Bet it woudl be brilliant.

    I wrote poetry as a teenager, all about vampires (there’s a surprise ha ha ha
    – I love my bloodsuckers so much…)

    On a particularly angsty day back many years ago, I got rid of the poetry notebook. Something I regret because it was still my writing and creative. But destroying things was a typical angsty move I was rather good at back then
    (“oh the pain, the pain of living!” blah blah – well and to think I still get like that now and then EEK)

  2. ‘Bet it would be brilliant’ Ha – don’t be taking up gambling any time soon! I’ve punched out a couple of numbers in response to prescribed prompts and posted them on our tutor group forum, so far to uproarious silence, so they may leak out over here in a while to underwhelm my Glorious Readership. That said, another courageous effort posted by someone else has also failed to bother a group which is largely digitally silent. The ones who are not posting are clearly In The Know about something!

  3. Oh dear…hmmm – Maybe aliens kidnapped them, hence the silence 😉
    (I could not write poetry now to save my life – have enough trouble reading it, it’s a weird form of writing I don’t exactly “get”

  4. I’m lining you up now to be my number one fan as you’ll be the person I can most rely on to appreciate why it is I don’t get it! 🙂

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