SF might just have become too dangerous to write

solar system paths
Image by zen via Flickr

Not content with using a pre-discovered planet for a story, I’m a bit bothered I might have stumbled over another cosmic event. I have a story out to a publisher (or on its way back with a note on its collar) about the threads of the universe unravelling and now this

Knot in the ribbon at the edge of the solar system ‘unties’

I’m wondering if I should develop a taste for historical tales before I accidentally destroy life as we know it..wide eyes

8 thoughts on “SF might just have become too dangerous to write

  1. Since you already have this power, perhaps, it can be used for other things. Can I request you write a story where I travel back in time to 1982 and marry Peter Murphy from Bauhaus and whilst you’re at it, makes us both immortal, oh and we might as well also be vampires since he kind of looks like one (actually, he probably IS one already) and well, I’m pale and interesting as well. Thanks 😉

    About this knot, this worries me deeply. Who tied it? Huh? Was it some stupid idiot aliens who were drunk on whatever aliens get drunk on (probably something silly like tea)

    Oh and no no no on threads on the universe, you know what happens when you pull that little tiiny thread on your jumper. Five minutes later, you’ve got no jumper and a ball of string which your cat would like to play with…(oh god, now I’m thinking of some giant huge inmense feline that’s waiting for the universe to unravel so it can play with it…eeeek

  2. I’m thinking it might be a bit early to start taking work on commission. Who knows what would happen if somebody wanted a tale about the idea that the universe was, oh let’s see, only 30,000 years old . Actually, I do rather favour your cosmic cat and I can’t help thinking that whoever came up with String Theory probably had a houseful of mogs and a wicked glint in their eye!

    1. I’m frightened of the cosmic cat plus I’m allergic! Imagine the horror for me 😉

      String Theory! That reminded me of a dumb string joke where 1 piece of strings walks into a bar but is refused service. It goes back out, ties itself into a knot and goes back in. When the bartender asks “You’re not that piece of string, are you?” The string replies: “No, I’m a frayed knot.”

      Sad that such a stupid joke makes me snort aloud…

    1. Don’t worry, if I ever come across the giant cosmic cat, I’ll be sure to have some cat nip…even just a small amount will make cosmic cat high 🙂

  3. Oh but the havoc an hallucinating kitten could wreak! Probably beats having your teenage son advertise his house party on Facebook!

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