Don’t come visiting northern Europe today – we’re shut!

sky with no planes
Look - no planes!

Ok, I don’t live near a major airport but you could view this as an exemplar of the skies over GB-PLC today and it hasn’t happened before EVER! Because of Iceland’s reprehensible inability to control the behaviour of its volcanoes, pretty much the whole of Europe has been grounded and can’t expect to be on its way again until tomorrow at the earliest. Most people have been pretty phlegmatic about it; after all, it’s in rather poor taste to criticise Mother Nature, not to mention fairly pointless. That didn’t stop one chap, with a degree in Advanced Twerp self evidently, from remarking that, since the ash was not laying on the ground, he couldn’t see why his plane (which would be in the AIR with the ASH – hello!) should not take off.

Personally, I was looking forward to the spectacular sunset but I think we’ve been short-changed on that one. Maybe I can get it on TiVo…

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