The Twitter Imperative

classroomFabulous thing, this integrating of blog and tweet business. You write your headline, develop your theme, and press the button so that publication and dissemination occur simultaneously. Magic!

Or at least it is if, once twitter has separated it from its context, the headline doesn’t look like your geography teacher’s demand for the submission of your homework . Reading my previous post, plucked bald of its message and lying exposed on Tweetdeck, I suddenly see the words ‘Did you read ‘Madness’?’ in a different context. This time my hopeful inquiry born of earlier discussion is replaced by the image of an irate school ma’am, hands on hips, peering from under outraged eyebrows at her class of recalcitrants with a look that suggests the outbreak of World War III would not be a good enough reason for failing to return the essay on Australian flora and fauna by the prescribed deadline.


So, it’s thank you to people who pitched up to detention as required and apologies to those who felt they needed to get a note from their mother to avoid withdrawal of privileges!

4 thoughts on “The Twitter Imperative

  1. I used to use that option in WP (now I add the Tweet button to each post.) Aren’t you able to edit the link before it posts? It seems I remember doing that, though what I remember and what actually happened is often at odds. 🙂

    1. I don’t see an edit option – it just seems to miraculously (or horrifyingly!) appear! I reckon I just need to be a bit more forward thinking about my headers. Learning curve now at 1:4.. 🙂

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