Did you read ‘Madness’?

If you did, just out of interest and in relation to the post on profanity, what is your impression of the language used in that story? I won’t remind you because I’d like your thoughts based on what you recall rather than a dissection of the words themselves. We talked a lot in various exchanges about realism and the kinds of expressions particular characters might use and this is clearly a situation in which the main character might be expected to let rip. I wonder, then, how far the impression of authenticity was affected for you by what was or was not said?

You may turn over your papers, your time starts now…


4 thoughts on “Did you read ‘Madness’?

  1. I found Clarisse’s profanity in character, so I had no problem with it. Her mutters and inner rant chilled me.

    Also, in the omniscient narrator’s voice you used a technical phrase, or acronym, I was unfamiliar with, but I thought that appropriate too.

  2. Had to go and look for that – ‘depot injection’? Slow acting anti psychotic and probably inappropriate in the circumstances, which illustrates the nurse’s lack of attention. Thanks for the observation, the nuance is missed without that knowledge but, as you say, it wasn’t an issue for you. Thanks for thinking about this.

    1. Sorry, that was another one I forgot to mention. Jargon, yes, but I think you get the idea without knowing the term.

      I referenced A&E … unless that refers to Arts & Entertainment.

  3. Ah – about as far from as you can get, it’s Accident & Emergency. That said, I’ve had some of my funniest moments there as everyone is on the edge and unguarded. Vacuum cleaner hose figured quite strongly, I seem to recall. No, I’m NOT saying!

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