Writing as cabaret

sketchHere’s a thought. Ever seen those sketch artists on the street or at local fayres who produce a portrait of you in a matter of minutes and you love it just because of the unique focused attention it offers? Well, how about an equivalent for writers/wannabe writers? Quite a few talk about doing their writing in cafes or bars (here, it would be the local pub – wey hey!) which presumably means either buying quantities of coffee or beer or trying to avoid attention while making just one last three hours. What about trading your services for a bit of free sustenance? What about offering punters a 250/500 word story with their name in it in exchange for the odd freebie drink? Netbook, mini-printer, instant profile raising, and a comfy seat for the afternoon in convivial surroundings, what’s to dislike?

I live within walking distance of several pubs so that’s my summer sorted out!

2 thoughts on “Writing as cabaret

  1. That’s quite an idea you have. Consider the possibilities. Could you get someone to clean your house for year if you wrote them into a novel?

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