Unexpected visitor

a rat!is rat! As Basil Fawlty would say ‘Is not hamster – is rat!’ Lady rat in fact, and a fit looking one as well so I reckon she’ll be bringing the kids along soon. The birds seem unperturbed and so the inter species melee of feathered flutterings and furry scuttlings expands and contracts with reference only to some programmed circuit of visiting schedules rather than the sudden acquisition of a verminous mammal.

I quite like rats. Kept a few in my time, mostly black hooded lever-savvy types, so this one’s appearance doesn’t freak me out. Can’t say the same for the neighbours though whose vegetarian, animal-friendly instincts seem likely to exclude rodents. So bird lovers, now what? Remove the food, lose the rat and the birds or live with the rat and its thousands of offspring and risk becoming host to a local infestation. Can’t imagine what that would do to my popularity rating! Oh wait, yes I can…

2 thoughts on “Unexpected visitor

  1. A preschool teacher, whose family owned a pet shop, told me that rats are the best pets. But rats in the wild I suppose would not be welcomed by your neighbors.

    1. Oddly enough, squirrels are not so persecuted. I reckon it’s a prejudicial scaley tail v furry tail thing. Rats get a bad press, I’m pro rat and this is a nice, tidy, well-kept, bijou little ratette!

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