In search of the ‘bommsittit’

You know those lyrics that you can’t quite make out and so you do your best with a phonetic rendition? A classic is the six year old belting out our national anthem and translating the less comprehensible ‘long to reign over us‘ as ‘the long train ran over us‘. An urban myth, possibly; but my sister’s stab at ‘Guantanamera‘, rendered as ‘one ton o’ metal‘, is definitely true. I was there and took merciless older sister advantage of her ignorance. Another mysterious distortion emerged recently in the conversation of two radio presenters. Which two, I have no recollection, but it reappeared during a transmission from Glastonbury, so maybe it was 6Music. The ‘bommsittit‘ or ‘bomsytit‘ was evidently an … Continue reading In search of the ‘bommsittit’

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