Margaret Fleming

Image via The Scottish Daily Record.

This woman probably died in 1999. That’s when she was last seen by her GP and by anyone at all who wasn’t her carer.

Until 2016 NO ONE NOTICED.

Margaret had learning disabilities.

Her carers claimed benefits on her behalf until 2016 when benefits officials FINALLY paid a visit to her home.

Her carers, I use the term loosely, claimed she was at the house in 2017 and ran off when police arrived to search for her.

They’ve now been convicted of her murder.

This report and image come from the Scottish Daily Record, but it’s not the only instance of death by murder or neglect, and the rape and abuse of vulnerable adults such as Margaret. On my other blog I’ve kept a record of those who hit the news. It’s quite short and if I went looking I’d most likely find more. The point though is that people like Margaret don’t make the headlines, they’re invisible. Margaret is a dreadful exemplar of that invisibility because for twenty years no one noticed her absence. Not her GP, not social services, not the benefits team.

Twenty years.



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