Decisional capacity: Good Question demo videos now available

This is from our blog post after meeting with the two people from Grace Eyre who helped us make the videos:

Keith and Mikey had their first look at the videos today and it’s safe to say they were pretty pleased with them. I said we would be posting them up on the site by the end of the week and Mikey wanted to know where that would be. Keith said that they would be on the internet so ‘everyone’ could see them. He was even more pleased to think that his rather fine self would be preserved on film as his real self began to get a little older and maybe not quite so powerful-looking! …!

Consent to Participation (in research or other structured activity)

Consent to Treatment (or other individual procedure or activity)

We are developing commentaries in the form of notes to accompany the films and including some of the points in our FAQs sheet and we welcome questions and queries to help populate our information with pertinent material.

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