New website

zara head3A while ago, I put up a website detailing my professional activities because, at the time, Google had no knowledge of me beyond a couple of papers and articles about animals with disabilities. This confused people who were looking for something a little more, well, psychological. It was long before LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and, for all I know, a popular reality TV series on Alpha Centauri, the population of which I hope are not about to vote me off .

The site was a little outdated and so, unfortunately, was my software. I had been using Dreamweaver which, expensive and nerdy, requires some investment and I had not re-installed it for at least two machines-worth of neglect. I dug it out. I thought about it. Then my PC mag arrived and on the free disc was another piece of software that looked very easy, very WYSIWYGy. Also very tempting and I showed no backbone at all. I had the whole thing done in a couple of hours. Zara, in case you’re wondering.

The uploading was an absolute cinch – no messing around to make sure all the pages linked properly, the images properly lined up, and the remote (or local) computer/server/thing agreed with the local (or remote) one. Up went the new site.

Except it didn’t. A ghost of it appeared, a faint whisper of the arrangement I had delivered, but certainly not the crisp and colourful design that my desktop was displaying. The problem in short? My host service could only handle ‘basic’ information, it could not manage the new templates that my software was offering. So the site has moved and you can find it here . Assuming you’re not looking for the animal stuff.

End of bulletin.

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