Itty bitty survey needs your help please

Can you help with a very short survey? No pain involved and a whole lot of lovely gooey altruistic wonderfulness to gain by helping with my MA. Also the chest broadening feeling of having contributed to devastatingly original research when I post the results. You’ll do it? Oh WOW! Thank you!

Thank you everyone who took part, this survey is closed now, results up soon.

6 thoughts on “Itty bitty survey needs your help please

    • Deal! Results and rationale will be on my blog once the sample is complete.I already have more than I’d anticipated so I plan to give it a full week then do the analysis. Can’t wait!

  1. I love surveys! It would be great to see the results … are you blogging them? (Although I feel like I have the worst memory on the planet after taking it.)

    btw, I lost your blog for a while because Google Reader evaporated sooner than expected, but now I’m subscribed by email.

    • Ha! I’m beginning to wish I had a penny for everyone who thinks their memory is rubbish! Yes, I’ll be posting the results shortly. I suspect the rationale will be a surprise to some but I don’t know yet if my hypothesis will be supported or not. #notatalltense!

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