Itty bitty survey needs your help please

Can you help with a very short survey? No pain involved and a whole lot of lovely gooey altruistic wonderfulness to gain by helping with my MA. Also the chest broadening feeling of having contributed to devastatingly original research when I post the results. You’ll do it? Oh WOW! Thank you!

Thank you everyone who took part, this survey is closed now, results up soon.

6 thoughts on “Itty bitty survey needs your help please

    1. Deal! Results and rationale will be on my blog once the sample is complete.I already have more than I’d anticipated so I plan to give it a full week then do the analysis. Can’t wait!

  1. I love surveys! It would be great to see the results … are you blogging them? (Although I feel like I have the worst memory on the planet after taking it.)

    btw, I lost your blog for a while because Google Reader evaporated sooner than expected, but now I’m subscribed by email.

    1. Ha! I’m beginning to wish I had a penny for everyone who thinks their memory is rubbish! Yes, I’ll be posting the results shortly. I suspect the rationale will be a surprise to some but I don’t know yet if my hypothesis will be supported or not. #notatalltense!

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