All the Birthdays

English: Lascaux Caves - Prehistoric Paintings...


‘All the Birthdays’ is my entry for this year’s Lascaux flash competition. Submissions will start appearing on March 6th so if you fancy a jolly good wallow in loads of quick reads, or indeed popping in a bit of your own flash, that’s the place to go. ‘Doomcha Doof was my 2012 entry and seemed to be judged pretty but baffling. Or maybe just pretty baffling. I’ve aimed this time for more clarity but will settle for better quality bafflement as a good second!


9 thoughts on “All the Birthdays

  1. Good luck Suzanne. Loved your 2012 entry, but possibly too European for US tastes…? I’ve not heard of this comp, so may have a go. Might try writing in a US voice??

    1. I’m beating the drum for us Brits, Tracy, although I can often hear a drawl when I write. It has a tendency to morph Welsh after a while though – and I can’t do either out loud!

  2. I apologise if my response comes up twice – not sure what I’ve just done!

    Anyway, I thought your 2012 entry was rather splendid! Loved the way you got different images of the dancer across and loved the hat with fruit on at Glastonbury. Too quirky and too English, me thinks for the judges – their loss!

    You’ve inspired me to try.

  3. thanks for drawing my attention to this website — though 250 words is alarmingly short

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