Tech tips: moving files, folders, from old PC to new PC

Transferring files, folders, and applications from one PC to another

This applies to transfers from a Windows 7 32-bit machine to a Windows 7 64-bit machine.

Windows Easy Transfer This will do a simple transfer of files, folders, and documents. It won’t move your applications (programmes). You can do it over a network but if you have a large amount of material stored and/or your network is not really zippy, it may be better to buy the cable. This may reduce the time WET estimates for the move from days (mine offered 119, at one point) to hours. You may still need to leave the two machines on and linked over-night though. Downside: even though it claims to take Outlook files, it doesn’t.

Orlogix Transfer MyPC This will move most things, but there are some caveats: DON’T be tempted to add your iTunes to the list – you need a different version for a 64-bit machine. DO make sure Bonjour (an Apple helper) isn’t ticked if you’re going from a 32 to 64-bit OS. This little blighter will stop you installing the new iTunes version, and it won’t uninstall because the uninstaller is 32-bit. Don’t take applications such as Diskkeeper or Norton either, even if the software doesn’t make them as incompatible. They will struggle in the new environment so install from fresh when you’re moved. Finally, this software also will not move Outlook, which seems to cling to its old home like a barnacle to a ship’s bottom.

Caveat and more tips, see

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