You wait ages …

The Oxford Book of English Short Stories
Image by dalcrose via Flickr


… and three come along at once. Well, five, if you count ‘Lovely Girls‘ and ‘No Arrests‘. In the last few days, Full of Crow have taken ‘Arthur’s Stone’ and expect to publish it in October; Read Short Fiction took ‘Baby Bird’ to put up in the Spring; and Zouche Magazine & Miscellany have picked up my essay, ‘A Tale of Two Sixties’ and scheduled it for some time in the next 5-6 weeks. All a little bit wonderful.

16 thoughts on “You wait ages …

    1. It is, isn’t it? The word ‘Squeeeeeee’ would come to mind, if I weren’t trying to cultivate a more dignified front. OK, too late – squeeeeeeeee!

    1. Thank you! I’m slightly stunned, really. But it demonstrates the truth of the advice I was given by my first CW tutor, to keep sending them in till someone cries ‘Uncle’! I won’t mention the hours of hair-pulling revision and editing time if you don’t 😉

  1. Damn – I just ‘liked’ my own post! Is that sycophancy, literary incest, or some indescribable form of self stimulation! Note to self: stop clicking around :/

    1. Thank you, Christi, I’m working my way through my uni assignments. Three to go, unless we leave out the poem. Yes, better leave out the poem … 🙂

    1. I think maybe if you bang your head against a brick wall for long enough, eventually it stops hurting and maybe you’ve put a dent in the brickwork. A hard hat helps. Crit groups. Leave ego at door upon entry!

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