‘No Arrests in 2039’: you might prefer to walk home …

Out on Every Day Fiction today. Suddenly, I want to know where my council tax goes!

There is actually some science behind this piece of fiction. The Google research car has travelled thousands of miles without incident (see TED talk by Sebastian Thrun), and other vehicles have been driven remotely, including one by Gadget Show presenter Jason Bradbury in a race against an F1 driver. Both cars were live on the track. This set the scene, in my fevered mind at any rate, for a virtual cab company whose ‘drivers’ operate passenger pods from call centres. Then came the idea about what to do with drunken, offensive punters: round ’em up, wash ’em down, and – er …





4 thoughts on “‘No Arrests in 2039’: you might prefer to walk home …

  1. Kudos on another EF story! I enjoyed the piece a lot once I slowed down and recognized that, as an American, I would have to use a different part of my brain to read it–the British colloquialisms, locations, and turns of phrase that are so natural for you, take a bit more for me to absorb. But, as I noted in my comments on the EF site, it was well worth the effort. Thanks for sharing your gift.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments – here and on the site. This cultural divide is quite a thing, isn’t it? We are so used to American films and TV that we barely miss a beat. It must be much harder the other way round, but I’m so pleased you persevered. I think we Brits have our own uniqueness that might get lost if we don’t put it out there. Thank you for sticking with this tale 🙂

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