Climbing for Jesus

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Climbing for Jesus

I went

Up Pen-y-Ghent

I was spent

Dumb wit!

A fool

From Sunday School

A mule

For Christ

There was a fox and

Horses’ hocks

Up there on the rocks

No shit!

Stupid boots

Catholic roots

Home to roost

In wet tights

Aren’t they all bent,

Hunters of souls’ rent?

Tally ho

I went

©suzanne conboy-hill 2011

Pen-y-Ghent is a fell in the Yorkshire Dales. This happened. Even the fox.

3 thoughts on “Climbing for Jesus

  1. Jesus looks a bit stoned on that painting…just saying…

    yes, I know, going to hell for making that comment 😉

    Liked it, your poem I mean, not Jesus being high on somethig (tsk tsk Jesus)

    1. See you there, then! For the missing ‘n’. I suspect Himself has us all stitched up already. Might as well just enjoy!

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