Aliens on your Sofa

cats on a chairThe Aliens on your Sofa

Vet’s day today and, to echo a friend, it’s not all about Vietnam; these vets are the brave souls willing to take up the challenge of delivering vaccines to the nation’s ungrateful pets and this week it’s the turn of Ms Massive and Mr FancyPants.

Aka Muppet and Monty; this tale is from happier times – here

4 thoughts on “Aliens on your Sofa

  1. Aw poor kitties had to go to the vet? I worked in an animal hospital for 2 weeks, many moons ago, and I could never ever ever take the animal’s temperature when they show me WHERE the thermometer went…EEK

    1. At least cats don’t secrete bizarre objects about their persons. I used to be a nurse and recall a Carry On-esque episode in casualty involving a large lady, a hair brush, and a plastic lemon.
      On these pages. One day. Honest, I will!

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