Virtual Worlds Research: interview on Australian radio

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Future Tense‘ is a networked programme coming from ABC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and fronted by the superb Antony Funnell. It focuses on developments in technology and, if its presenter’s level of knowledge, interest and awareness is anything to go by, it has a discerning and informed audience. This episode includes an update on our virtual world study and it’s in the extremely good company of studies of distraction therapy using gaming for children with severe pain, a technique called the Decision Tree to help people engage with and monitor their own health, and medical self-tracking. These programmes, which cover a wide variety of topics including ‘Resilience Science’, ‘Our Aging Future’ and ‘Is Frugal Still the New Black?’ to quote just three recent episode titles, are available as podcasts and you can access them via FTs RSS feed.

If you are a researcher and Antony and Future Tense come looking for you to talk about your work, say yes and have confidence in their quality, professionalism, and genuine interest. As to the quality of my own performance, I’ll leave you to judge but neither ABC nor I should be blamed for the dodgy sound as it was the best we could get from all available lines, a signal booster and standing rigidly in a corner of the kitchen holding the metaphorical coat hanger up to the ceiling!

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