In the post today..

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..a large, brown, cardboard package containing letters, CDs, a study guide, a study calendar, a TMA form (a what?!), and a Serious Looking Book. My Open University Creative Writing course is about to kick off.

So what was it about signing those papers, ticking the box marked yes and sending off a fat-ish cheque made them think I meant it?!

6 thoughts on “In the post today..

  1. How exciting. I’ve never taken an writing course, instead, I’ve tortured myself by reading tons and tons of books about writing. The OU is very good though, it’s where I studied Natural Sciences for 2 years. Hope you have fun with the writing course!

  2. I did a 12 week OU course last year on writing fiction so I know how well they do these things. And a colleague is just completing his top-up psychology so that he’s eligible for postgrad applied psychology options. They know what they’re doing, those folks!

    1. Yes, they are very good. I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 years spent studying until I made the realisation I would never cut it as a scientist, but learning about biology and the theory of natural selection certainly came in handy for my novel heh heh. I ended up with a special boy, he’s a bit mutant I think!

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