You Tube for Grownups

screenshot of YouTube EDU siteYouTubeEDU. Why didn’t I know about this before? It’s what I’ve been looking for – a legitimate video upload site that caters for professional communities and allows dissemination of graphically driven visual information. Many of us struggle with organisations whose IT systems block what they see as primarily social sites but, increasingly, relevant information is being put out in video format. For some, this is absolutely the best medium – think of the psychological phenomena of visual illusion and confidence trickery, for instance (see Richard Wiseman’s site for much more on this) – and for others, it provides compelling support for otherwise less accessible text.

University College, London has its own TV channel there (and it’s thanks to their rss for this post). It can’t be long before other major players in the research, education, medicine, and business worlds see the potential for their own output. I hope the NHS gets to grips with this quickly, the possibilities for staff and patients seem unending.

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