Space Destiny in Second Life

bus tour of Space DestinyIt’s not often you get a personal tour around a space science research centre, especially one that has a dance floor, free drinks, and a sofa on the ceiling! Yesterday, at Space Destiny SylvianaJ took three of us in a big blue bus to see what’s being developed there.

Space Destiny is a research facility used by scientists from many different disciplines – environment design, sustainable agriculture (hydroponics), physics, biology, amongst  others. The venue is open to the public – just so long as you are a Second Life resident – and there are open days during which you can get an idea of what goes on there. I’ve had a look at the planetarium and a space station, found a Mars simulation just over the horizon, and boogied on the purpose-built dance floor. See, even geeks need a break! I’ll be popping in again later today to get another look at all the developments there. I was struggling yesterday with a new SL viewer that wasn’t cooperating and insisted on keeping me airborne when I was trying to take my seat in the bus so that focusing on the scenery was a little tricky!

Of course it could just be that the Navi don’t do buses..Avatar image

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