Trials of a MySpace Migrant

acrylic imageHello, I’m Suzanne and this is my online venture into Proper Blog Writing. I’ve blogged anonymously on MySpace for a couple of years now and seem to attract a larger number of bands hoping to sell me their home-made CDs than adoring fans in awe of my erudite prose and sparkling wit. Of course it could be that erudition and sparkle upped sticks and left home after a brief outing in around 1956 but heck a girl’s got to have ambition, right?

Anyway, it seemed about time to move onto what appears to be a more grown-up platform for what may yet turn out to be as unpromising an enterprise as my attempt to become a senior rock chick with an electric guitar. So I’m grappling with the intricacies of the WordPress dashboard with only a cup of Rooibos Earl Grey for support and no evident safety net. This could go anywhere. Or nowhere. Two photos have already suffered the disappearing fate and a whole page seems inacessible from anywhere obvious. Not that it is stuffed with unmissable content. No, it’s an apology for not having much to say just now and a picture of some cats. They’re my cats and it’s my photo, tastefully photoshopped if I might say so but hardly high art. For that we will all have to wait and possibly for some considerable time.

Right,  I’m going on the high wire now without a pole. If there’s an image on this page, I made it across without the need of an ambulance.

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