Rationalising and Re-cycling

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For reasons that had to do with ignorance, and the idea that there might a cap to the number of posts I am allowed, (or at least might be likely to approach in the next hundred years), I put my fiction on its own page, and then announced each new entry in a post. How dumb is that? Same number of posts but no room for contiguous comment – sheesh!

So, as of now, my bits and pieces of writing, including the infamous ‘poitry’ if that ever emerges again, will be posted on their own page where they can accrue their own comments. The Nano Fiction page will become a kind of anthology, and the blog posts will be the first hit for any visitors. Very rational. Very organised.

And the re-cycling? Gives me an excuse to bless my neglected little darlings with a space of their own, in between moments of contemporaneous inspiration, innit?

All change to the decor

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This, dear blog-mates, is Elegant Grunge. So far, I’ve found one unexpected thing on the page (my first post, which was not too illuminating), and not much missing. But then, I’m usually looking at it from inside the shop, not outside, so if there’s a gizmo you like to use and it’s disappeared, please let me know and I will do what I can to nail the little blighter back in place.

I need a change of scenery

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I got widgets, I got columns, I know where my stuff is; but I need a change, and every time I pitch in with a preview, I get cold feet and stay where I am. Last week, I found a WordPress appearance that I liked, hit preview, and went off it because it wasn’t yellow enough. If it had been yellow enough, it would have been exactly like the site I first saw it on and that would have been a little too sycophantic. Well no, not ‘a little too’ just ‘sycophantic’ full stop.

So, blog-mates, what do you recommend? Knowing my site, my stuff, my general face-to-the-world this-is-what-you-get malarkey, what’s the layout for me? Winning suggestion gets -ooh, I dunno, several weeks of preferential blather for its promulgator.

Aw, go on..!